MI Black History: Black History Finds a Home

Q: The Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History is a premiere destination in Detroit today, but where in the city was it originally located?

A: Inside Dr. Wright’s medical office on West Grand Boulevard. In 1978, the city of Detroit agreed to lease the museum land on John R. Street and Brush Street to become the new, larger home for the museum. The museum and city grew their partnership, and eventually, the museum opened in its new, 125,000-square-foot building in 1997, making it the largest African-American historical museum in the world. Charles H. Wright’s name was added to the museum in 1998 to honor his effort to establish the museum. The museum’s current 125,000-square-foot home houses more than 35,000 artifacts that help visitors relive and understand the experience of being an African-American. The museum’s main exhibit, “And Still We Rise,” carries people along a journey that begins in prehistoric Africa through to our current times, making use of sound, video and interactive displays to tell the story.

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