If you are unsure who your representative is, please visit the Michigan House of Representatives website.

The Michigan House Democratic Caucus:

House Democratic Leader Sam Singh (District 69)


House Floor Leader Christine Greig (District 37)

Winnie Brinks (District 76)

Wendell Byrd (District 3)

Darrin Camilleri (District 23)

Stephanie Chang (District 6)

John Chirkun (District 22)

Cara Clemente (District 14)

Tom Cochran (District 67)

Scott Dianda (District 110)

Fred Durhal III (District 5)

Brian Elder (District 96)

Jim Ellison (District 26)

Pam Faris (District 48)

LaTanya Garrett (District 7)

Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (District 8)

Erika Geiss (District 12)

Patrick Green (District 28)

Tim Greimel (District 29)

Vanessa Guerra (District 95)

Abdullah Hammoud (District 15)

Kevin Hertel (District 18)

Jon Hoadley (District 60)

Jewell Jones (District 11)

John Kivela (District 109)

Robert Kosowski (District 16)

David LaGrand (District 75)

Donna Lasinski (District 52)

Frank Liberati (District 13)

Leslie Love (District 10)

Jeremy Moss (District 35)

Sheldon Neeley (District 34)

Kristy Pagan (District 21)

Ronnie Peterson (District 54)

Phil Phelps (District 49)

Yousef Rabhi (District 51)

Rose Mary Robinson (District 4)

Terry Sabo (District 92)

Sabo Urges Trump to Take Action on Invasive Species in Great Lakes

Sylvia Santana (District 9)

Andy Schor (District 68)

Bettie Cook Scott (District 2)

Tim Sneller (District 50)

William Sowerby (District 31)

Robert Wittenberg (District 27)

Henry Yanez (District 25)

Adam Zemke (District 55)

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